Monday, May 18, 2009

Hello lovelies. I'm blogging again. After many months.
I hope this goes well, I want to write a lot more this summer, and of course, I'd love to hear all your thoughts and comments, whoever you are. 
Summer is here. I sat out on my lawn chair with my wet hair and the birds at the birdfeeder. It was so calm.
The birds would chase themselves around the feeder so elegantly. I could watch them all day. 
It is my last week of school. It went by so slowly today. My last Monday of High School. 
My mind is sluggish tonight as I pound out these words. I wish you all could read them as a personally written letter. 
Just pretend it is. 
Otto Bear is sighing. I feel the same. The day has gone so slowly, edging on like a anticipating drop of water. My eyes are tired. Tomorrow will be better. Promise. 
Hopes of better days right?
I'm going to grow up slowly. I'm going to take my time.

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