Monday, August 24, 2009

Who reads this?
I'd love to know.
If you read this, leave a comment yes?
I am so curious.
Where is this all going?
Open your eyes. You are now awake into the fan-whirring, blissful morning. Sun is up.
Look in the mirror at an old reflection. Aged over the years. I've known you for almost 19 years.
What a stranger. What a stranger.
A stranger who owns my body.
Hello world. Typical. Hello world.
Awaiting and creating. My new life is awaiting. While I am creating.
All I want is my cello.
I run out the back door to the back step which is soaked with sun. I sit. Just sit.
Hello world.
Here I am.
Do you see me like I see you?
Good morning.


aclimberdude said...

Callie I love your writting. Love you!

hannah joel said...

I am a reader!

Loves loves loves this.

buttons said...

i am an avid reader.

Anonymous said...

deary. i read. i read. as in, pronounced red.