Friday, June 5, 2009

Bittersweet summertime.
Today I woke up to a nose full of blood, almost about to stream down my cheek. I have no idea how I can jolt out of sleep to realize that my nose is bleeding and run to the bathroom so quickly. I cannot comprehend how I know how to do this so quickly so the blood doesn't fall all over my pillow. 
I quickly stuff toilet paper up my nose to fall asleep again.
Right now I shiver. Crickets chirp.
Quiet summer nights. Simple and sugary  sweet.
I wandered through the bookstore today. Touching books, fingers running over their spines. Waking them up. Flipping through them. Disturbing them from their long slumber. I picked a winner today. I cannot wait to read them. They await me and I eagerly will devour them. 
I've needed nourisment for my hungry mind.
I love myself so I'm going to the Self help section.
I found myself crying to Led Zeppelin music videos. 
Is it possible for music to touch lives in such an immaculate way? 
Perhaps little things in life just affect me so deeply. 
I feel awake. And tired. 
I need someone to share my ideas, thoughts, and sayings with.
I need someone to tell me their opinions.
Any takers?
I'll be here, in my coccoon of books, papers, and pens. Feasting on words untill you come.
Any takers at all?

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