Saturday, June 6, 2009

A friend recently told be about this artist, Brian Kershisnik, and I am absolutely in love. I adore his paintings. One of my favorites is the Adam and Eve one. It's such a unique view and so beautiful. Take time to look at each one's individuality and story. These paintings are just telling stories of life, I feel like I live in them. It is not very often that I feel that connected to and art piece. There is something so whimsical and magical about it. The stories and elegance and feeling portrayed is amazing. It's incredible how simple a painting can be yet can say so much just by the expression or gentleness. It is such talent to make something so beautiful, say so much. Please enjoy.
Mother and Child and Sparrows
Flight Practice Instruction
Two Ideas
The Rain
Gardening in the Rain
While Walking
Lovers Running
When to Stop
Hard Lessons
She Weeps at The Beauty of Fruit
Eating Peaches
Reading a Small Book
Madonna and Child
Adam and Eve
Three Sleeping Musicians
Lovers Between Trees
Woman Between Trees
Musician Sleeps

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