Monday, July 13, 2009

For some reason right when I come here. To this very spot, I can't remember what I was going to write about. But I remember this time.
It's about my girls.
It is decided and written, Macy and I are making a film. Of a group of lives that a few girls lived. The Ladies. More will be discussed and decided as time goes on but it is in motion.
I hear the  chirp of the "battery's low" on the smoke detector. It's in my room and I know I won't be able to sleep there tonight. 
My bear snores through the crack in his little room, the pantry. I can't remember why we placed him in this trustworthy cell. Oh I remember. He has a hard time with his bladder, maybe it is just his excitement. 
"You want-a popsicle Mace?" 
"Yes!!" (Said like little Gracie)
"What color?"
"Not purple."
I have a vision, of flowered white dresses and bicycles.
I've adopted another bicycle, by begging for 20 bucks out in the heat of the antique yard. He's a beaut. Brown and leggy. Little did I know, he is much to tall for me. He was ment for a large man. I took him home, and hopped on only to fall right over. I am so chop him so I can ride him. Taking it to the lengths of cutting the frame to reshape him. It would be a shame, but I need a 10-speed. Perhaps I won't. Perhaps I'll give him to a needy man, or an extremely tall woman. I'll fix him up though. Nothing would give me more joy, well, except for riding him. Oh well, I'll find another.
My plans are changing and rapidly approaching. I might go to the U instead of Westminster. Money has caught up with me and I would perhaps be able to go to the U for practically and literally free. Perhaps money does really catch up with us all. Of course it's not what life is made up of, but it does make the world go round. I am compromising and barganing like nobody's business.
Bear had a bath today. Macy and I sprayed him with the hose on the lawn, washed his dirty fur. He has slowed down, but still has it in him. He's the best bad dog I know.
I like this. I am happy tonight. My bad days are becoming shorter. I am blessed. Thanks.


aclimberdude said...

Callie I love your writting! Keep it up! Love you!

c. said...

Reg, thank you so much.

It means so much to me...really thank you for taking the time to read my blog. It really means so much. I love you my brother.

BecsKaryn said...

Callie! It's Becca Lou. So sorry I haven't called you yet. I miss you. Reading this makes me want to talk to you. Actually, to listen to you. You are beautiful. My goal was Westminster as well. Then money caught up to me also. I probably won't go, but at the same time, it's hard to let material things get in the way of our dreams, even though money is a necessity. Ugh. What are we ever going to do callie dear?